Cards for Subs!

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Mar 18, 2022
Sedona AZ
Hey all, I don’t know if this is cool or not, if not please let me know and I’ll take this post down. I’ve been growing my baseball card YouTube channel, spreading positive vibes and love of the hobby! I’m looking for more views/likes/comments/subscriptions as this helps the algorithm to recognize the validity of the channel and show it to people who may like it. If you‘d like to help me out with this I’m happy to send cards as I have a lot of extras lying around. I’ll send more cards depending on how much you want to do to help with the channel. I may even send someone a Sedona Mega Box if someone really goes above and beyond! It seems to me a win-win as I’m happy to give some cards away and I’m also hoping fellow Benchies will help me grow the channel. I am NOT looking to monetize the channel, just doing it for fun and really enjoying it. Again if this feels too transactional or not appropriate for the forum, please let me know but I’m hoping folks will see it as a fun way to share the joy of the hobby. If you’re interested please PM me what cards you are looking for and how much you want to do to help the channel grow. Thanks for considering!