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Nov 4, 2009
Decided to venture to F Dub to watch this game. Went with my older brother and had an exceptional time watching a 20-10 baseball game. At the end, the guys were so gracious and even thanked me, yes, thanked me, for staying the entire game. Great guys.I really cant say enough about American Association players, the epitome of fan-friendly.....Got 2 baseballs and got Lou Palmisano to sign a bat he gave me last week. My nephew will be thrilled...The haul

Jared Gothreaux 8/8

Carlos Leon 3/3
Lou Palmisano 5/5

Talmadge Nunnari 2/2
Wayne Terwilliger 3/3

and the Palmisano bat signed "To Clayton Best of Luck"

Thanks for reading!!
Wayne Terwilliger wrote a GREAT book. It's wonderful that he is still involved with baseball. He had a very interesting career. The book is worth reading.

Terwilliger Bunts One

i knew he had written one but have not read it. he is a great,great guy. this is his last year as a coach and they were giving him a cake and refreshments after the game. i told him i first met him when i was 8 and i attended Texas Ranger camp at old Arlington Stadium..he laughed a lot about that one. He is pretty much the face of that organization and he will be missed dearly.
Who is Jared playing for?

he pitches for Pensacola..talked to him for a few minutes afterwards. very nice, has a bunch of family that can come see him play in shreveport and pensacola isnt that far away from his hometown(i think he's from lake charles). i saw him a few times in Round Rock back in the day. If you dont have him yet, i can trade one of these. i dont think pensacola comes back to town(grand prairie or ft worth) this year.
i have him, just was gonna send you more cards if he was coming back, no biggie. A collector friend of mine grew up with him and got him for me
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That is a terrific haul, Chris! I love those close pitching duels! :)
wow thats the first time i have heard of a player thanking a fan for staying to watch a game, congrats on the pick ups!!!