Chattanooga Lookouts over the last two nights *SCANS ADDED*

Ellis Shoe

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Well, another couple nights out at the Braves game netted me the following autographs :

Kyle Russell 5/5
Cole St Clair 3/3
Kenley Jansen 2/2
Danny Darwin 7/7
Dustin Yount 2/2
Jon Adkins 5/5
Jon Huber 3/3
Brent Leach 2/2
Scott Van Slyke 2/2
Chris Withrow 6/6
John Valentin 1/1
Ramon Nivar 1/2
Mike Rivera 2/2

Juan Gonzalez 2/2 (not the one you are thinking lol )
Concepcion Rodriguez 1/1
Garey Ingram 1/1
Alejandro Machado 1/1

Also bought a Martin Prado ball in the silent auction for charity Saturday night for 20 bucks.
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Ellis Shoe

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I usually don't scan my minor league successes just because I usually don't have the time to do it, but since you requested them, I pulled it off :) Here are the scans: