Cheapest place to buy top loaders ?

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Your best bet it to go to your local card shop, or Walmart/Target. Reason being they cost $2 on the spot. Buying it online, you'll have to pay shipping on top of that.

Hope this helps.
though it would depend in part on the quantity you plan to purchase and whether you need the premium or can settle for the regulars i'd have to say for me it's definitely ebay....

i paid 49.75 dlvd for my last case (40 packs , so 1.24 per pack delivered)...

i actually got lucky - i ordered the regulars and the seller ran out so substituted the higher quality version for me....the last check i did (maybe 3 weeks ago ?) i was still able to find the premiums for under $70 dlvd (1.75 per pack) and the regulars for under $50 dlvd (1.25 per pack)....

granted , if you're only looking to pick up a couple packs then buying online might not be the cheapest option , but if you know you'll eventually need that many then i think it's best to buy in bulk and lower the per unit cost as much as possible...
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Your best bet is to buy some boxes of cards online and then get qualified for free shipping. If so, then you get a good deals for supplies and toploaders from the same site you buy them from. Or, you can buy them in bulks online.

If not, then your only bet is to buy it from your local card store, at about $2 per pack.
believe it or not, at a card show! yep I said it... I usually pick them up for $1 a pack at local mall shows or card shows, other than that, best to buy quantities on ebay (thats what I do for the thicker ones and store them away).
i need about 500

what kind of price can you do shipped ?

I would check out

May not be the absolute cheapest but they have good deals and you can pair the purchase with cards and they have some loaded boxes and packs!