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Apr 13, 2007
I've decided to blog about my latest submission to from beginning to end (since I'm not moving very quickly through my player collectors or my Japanese box breaks). I'm planning to make a post for every step in the process from submission to the sale of the first card in the batch. It will be a slow process since I went with the standard processing option, but we'll see how it goes.

The blog is linked in my signature.
Looks like a good read!


Well, don't go jumping to conclusions....I knew what I wanted to write, but then it started meandering all over the place until I was hard put just to get everything out of my head and into the keyboard. Don't be surprised if the version that's up there now changes a bit as I read it and can't understand what I was saying :/

But, since writing it, I've sold 2 of my original Japanese submissions from November as well as a couple of Rickey Henderson stickers. Something I've found, and this also goes for Sportlots, is that how much you charge has as much to do with the population of that particular card on the site as it does with book value. When you're the only one on the site selling a particular card of a decent player, you can get away with a good 15-20% or so more than you'd normally think to charge, though that's still probably not above book value, unless it's a particularly rare card. I've sold a ton of those Lime Rock Dominican Winter Baseball cards for anywhere from $0.35-$2, even though Beckett considers them $0.10 commons, because you really don't see them anywhere. I STILL haven't found the last Bernardo Brito card I need from that set, but the three boxes I bought hunting for it have more than paid for themselves in sale of singles.
I had been thinking about using COMC for future selling but had a lot of questions I did not want to pester people with. Thanks to your blog all my questions should be answered so at the very least you will have one loyal reader:)
My last batch just got added and I've posted about it. I think I'll probably stick with mostly American cards for my next couple of batches I submit and see if I have better luck with their accuracy.
Iv'e got my first batch going to them on Monday.110 "stale" cards that have been in my trade box for way too long.Mostly inserts and a few gu.I figured they weren't going anywhere in my box so I'm gonna give it a try just to move them and maybe get enough to buy a box from blowout or something or pick up some vintage needs from comc..If it works out then I have a few hundred more to send in..
I definitely picked a good bunch to send in this time around, within 24 hours of pricing the batch, I'd already pulled in $40 in sales! I just REALLY wish they weren't so locked in to Beckett for their inventory system as I have a ton of more recent Japanese cards I would LOVE to add to my inventory there.
How do you like check out my I was thinking about opening an account.
I'm very satisfied with it so far. I'm putting together another bundle of cards to submit this weekend. I'll probably use the priority 1-week processing for the better cards, and the rest (a wide assortment if inserts, stickers, oddballs and lesser Japanese stars) I'll go for the usual 8-week processing.

This month alone, I've made enough back to cover my previous three submission fees and have used it to snag lots of cards I wanted from the site.

I'm hoping that their recent call for card identification volunteers might nudge them one step closer to including cards that aren't listed in Beckett. If that happens, it opens the flood gates for what I will submit. I could finally get a pile of Yu Darvish cards submitted that should move pretty quickly.