checking off a 2010 goal early :)

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Ellis Shoe

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Jul 24, 2006
Ridgeland, MS
Hello everyone, one of my goals was to get my Chippers straightened and get my checklist website in order. Well over the last couple days I have been working on the checklist and it almost got the best of me lol. That thing took me hours to get done. Anyways, here is my website for my Chipper checklist and its about 95% up to date on cards.

Chipper Website
Nice collection.. are you going to upload all the images too?

Noticed one thing you may want to change:

"The cards are broken down by year on the right and if the card is highlighted"

Since the tab is on the left...

Hey man, thanks for picking that up...I changed my template and didnt think to correct that. And yes as time allows I am going to scan in and link my GU/autos/and my 2 printing plates.