Chicago Cubs for trade

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I can use some of ur Rizzo and Addision Russell and baez rookie stuff and have plenty to trade for my wants.
Have a Cubs program which was Lou Brocks first program game.

Thanks for the quick reply. Of course, everything is available. Is the program you have from 61 or 62 (Brock actually got in four games in '61)?

Either year, I'd be very interested as well as any vintage cards you may have.

I just got it and the guy I got it from says it was from his first game and was called up for the game and he is not listed in the program because of it.
But I will check it out in the morning as it's in the attic where I am going thru all of my stuff before we move,
But I have a major problem right now I broke my arm and wrist and it's just killing me.
I will let it rest and I will find u a bunch of stuff in the morning ok bud.
Opening Day 1962 St Louis/Cubs Program. (Not Scored)
Has Santo and Billy Williams so I do believe he was being honest with me about it.
It has Musial and Boyer so again I think he was also right on.
Anyways I put it away for u and will find some vintage for u as well.
Rookie Cards of Up and coming Cubs for my Rug Rats collection.
Plowing smow cleaning roofs and the deck with my next door neighbor.
Calls me the one armed paper hanger doing snow removal before the next storm tonight and tomorrow.
75 Topps Mini Chris Ward
75 Topps Mini Jim Todd
75 Topps Mini Darold Knowles
74 Topps Rookie Infielders Andy Thornton
75 Topps Mini George Mitterald
75 Topps Mini Bob Locker
74 Topps Rookie Shortstops Dave Rosello
75 Topps Mini Ray Burris
73 Topps Jack Acker
62 Topps Rookie Danny Murphy
60 Topps Art Ceccarelli
75 Topps Mini Andy Thornton
75 Topps Mini Jose Cardenal
60 Topps Dick Drott
76 Topps Rookie Outfielders Joe Wallis


Take a look at my lists and let me know what you'd like for the scorecard and those cards you listed.

Thanks, Tony