Chipper Jones & Andruw Jones lots available FS

Andy's Dad

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Trying to liquidate a lot of Andy's stuff before he goes off to college in less than 2 weeks - books aren't cheap :)

Have 267 Andruw Jones cards (no dupes) and 259 Chipper Jones cards (no dupes). Breakdown like this:

Andruw - 194 base, 49 insert, 3 #d, 8 GU, 12 parallel, 1 oddball

Chipper - 164 base, 57 insert, 7 #d, 4 GU, 9 parallel, 10 Short Print, 8 oddball

I would be willing to sell all cards, some cards, combine the two players, keep 'em separate, only sell base, only sell inserts, etc. etc. - if there is interest here I will be flexible.

If you are interested I will provide lists of all cards, or just BVs by type if you don't need that kind of detail.

Thanks for looking!!


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May be interested in some of the Chipper cards if don't already have and prices - RCs? 57 insert, 7 #d, 4 GU, 9 parallel, 10 Short Print if you have a list .. LMK cary