Chipster has arrived!!

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Dec 6, 2010
Cambridge MD
Hello all! Im sure a lot of you already know me and for those who dont I hope we get the chance to make friends. For those who dont know me, my name is Chip, I also answer to Chipster. I completed 600 transactions on Trading Card Central over the last 4+ years so yeah I know what im doing. After taking a month away from the card world I decided it was time to return to what I love. And it was time for a fresh start. Thats why I have joined The Bench! I cant wait to get deals going with you guys! I will have my tradelist up in the very near future and after that its go time fellas! As a former 2x trader of the month I look forward to competing for a title over here. So for the new guys id like to say hello and to those that know me and have dealt with me over the last 4+ years, Chipster's Back!
Alright il be in touch later tonight and i'll try to get a few pics of the things I think you may be interested in, including a MJD RC Jaguar Logo Patch.

Here's something you might like:

•2003 Fleer Tradition Lumber Company Game Used Gold CJ Chipper Jones/26 $15.00 $40.00 (GU)

My wants are specific on my site.
Thanks everyone for the big welcome. Can already tell im going to love my time here. Its hard to replace something you love, but this place is going to work just fine for tha Chipster. :) As soon as I can get someone to send me my tradelist from the other site we can get working on some deals! Iv had these 8 bubble mailers for too long.