Clinton "Butch" McCord- A Neat downside, one flipside

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May 22, 2009
Today, I received 3 signed cards of former ***** League baseball player Clinton "Butch" McCord. He sent me back his own cards- 2 of which are the same (generic baseball signature cards), along with another one of his cards that has a design that appears to be based off of 1959 Topps.

He did not send me back my questionnaire signed and completed- he kept it. However, accompanying the three cards he sent me was also a note stating that there is a ton of info I can search. Oh well. He was nice enough to include his own three cards!


Happy Holidays, everybody!
I've talked to Butch a few times and he is a very nice man. He made it all the way to AAA after playing in the ***** Leagues before being signed into "organized" ball. There is a website that has most of his information, it might be on the back of that card that he sent to you.
I think the site is
Danny Ozark spoke highly of McCord when I interviewed Ozark before he passed. McCord said that Ozark looked out for him, bringing him to St. Paul after having him in Macon. You can check out McCord's minor league stats. Solid AAA player. Stuck behind Gil Hodges at 1B in the Dodger system and Vic Power in Kansas City.
A heck of an addition to the collection! Very nick pick up, indeed!