C'mon everyone, we're almost there!

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Oct 16, 2006
outside of Boston
The YSL set is almost done! Thanks to David K and LEONOFNJ and all of the other donators, the set need list is down to 715 cards. That is amazing considering how huge this set really is.

Please everyone, dig deep and donate so that we can donate a complete set to the auction. Remember, all of the proceeds are going to Cancer Research. This is a disease that affects all of us in one way or another. Please help us to help find a cure.

I think it will be great to completely drown Meliah in cards. :p

So come on all of you Benchies, let's get this thing done. You'll feel great about donating to a great cause, I promise.

Come Benchies
Lets get this done. Iwant to see Meliah drown in those cards to get them in order.
So lets dig deep and find the cards to finish this project
Have this little message for you all

I want to take some time to share a story now that I feel comfortable doing so.

Even though this was an important cause to me from the beginning, cancer hit close to home for me recently. On September 2nd, 2009 my uncle lost his short battle with cancer. His 51st birthday was the next day, but now you might be asking how this relates to sports cards.

My uncle was a devoted Detroit sports fan, even to the Lions, and also a card/autograph collector. Even in his last days he was rooting for the Tigers to make the playoffs! You could even ask him just about anything about the teams, and you might get caught up in a conversation with him forever.

I'm hoping that this helps the cause finish on a high note and gets those who haven't yet made a donation to do so. Nobody is safe from cancer, even us sports card collectors.

If you don't have any YSL cards, I'm participating in a Relay for Life at my campus on April 9th/10th and will appreciate your monetary gifts. Please PM me if you would like to help me out.

Thanks to all of those who've helped out so far.
I have a brother-in-law battling cancer as well as my best ,best friend. Thanks to all who have done so much for this drive. A special thanks to Matt aka Meliah you rock .
There is a lot of 415 YSL cards on sportslots right now.
Maybe you can ask to cross reference numbers and see if you can trade the seller prior to the lot going out?
It's over 90% now! that's great everyone, but let's get to 100%! If everyone gets just one card off of the needs list we'll get this thing done in no time.

ll right Benchies
Lets get it down to 5% by the end of the week and then we only have 5% to go. Want to thank everyone for helping in this great cause. Keep up the great work.

10% lets get it to 5% this week

Sorry if I missed it, but did me move the duplicates to put toward the needs?

Also, I still have 3 YSL dups, can they still be used? If so, I will send them to Matt.


Sorry if I missed it, but did me move the duplicates to put toward the needs?

Also, I still have 3 YSL dups, can they still be used? If so, I will send them to Matt.



While trading the dups has been slow we do take them in just in case we can strike more deals:)
FYI..Theres a master list posted under the Forum " sitting on the bench"...click on Card Talk....look for 2008 ud yankee stadium tribute set eBay!....last post....it's our master list put together by Leon and myself.....I check Meliah's list for updates... and Leon and I pm each other with current purchases or deals. Best regards, David
Almost there everyone! Just a little more help is needed so that we can get this set done and sent in for the auction.

Today, a friend and co-worker of 16 years passed away from stomach cancer. He was the same age as me, 44, with two small kids and a wife.

Let's finish this set!!!!