College Baseball/ High School BAseball custom card question:

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Oct 17, 2009
I always like to collect autos from the up and coming stars in college baseball and sometimes high school (Aflac all-americans) TTM. But i was getting kind of tired of sending custom index cards and was interested in getting custom cards signed with the same size and shape of a normal baseball card.

Are the athletes allowed to sign these?

It may be a dumb question, but you never know with those NCAA rules. If anyone has gotten a success from a collegiate player or high school player on a custom card please LMK
Back when I was in college playing NCAA basketball, we had some rules on this. I think the main emphasis was on brand endorsement. As long as the player doesn't profit from the sale of that custom card and as long as the card isn't sold as a rival to a company that invests the NCAA, I don't think it should be an issue.

In fact, we once had a guy who was gung-ho about our team and got everyone to sign a sticker page at a game. He in turn created an auto set by creating cards for his personal collection and placed the stickers on his cards. Was really weird to me at the time, but now it has been a few years, I think it's kind of neat.