Complete 🌮2023 Topps Chrome Jumbo Box Break (Auction Style)🌮

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Jan 4, 2004
^^^Live Break Stream
Scheduled for 7/28/23, 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific

It's that time of year, Topps Chrome!
First time I have adventured into the Jumbo side of things, so let's give it a shot Auction Style.
ETA is 07/26/23.
12 Packs per box, 13 Cards per pack. Total of 160 cards unless a relic is pulled.
Shipping is included in the purchase price. So if you win a team for $8, it's $8!
All cards are mailed.

Here is the checklist

Key things for Jumbo this year, FROZENFRACTOR Numbered to -5! You read that right! -1/-2/-3/-4/-5 of -5. Silly gimmick, but it's going to be extremely sought after!
Let's not forget about the other gimmick, 200 🌮TACO FRACTORS🌮 Numbered to 5! Hobby/Jumbo exclusive! Watch out Donruss/Panini, your meme cards are being copied! 😋🌮 😋
Look for Relics 1 per case, including sought after Patch versions!
Look for those MVP buybacks of Judge & Goldy including autos #'d to 22!

Autographs fall 3 per box in Jumbo.
Key RCs in the set include Carroll, Gunnar, Adley, Harris II, Volpe, Grissom, Naylor, Outman, Tovar, Yoshida & More!

Bids must be in $1 increments. Please note, once the threshold has been reached, the auction will close and transactions will be made!
Paypal F&F is requested, but if you choose to pay via G&S, please note of a 4.9% fee.

Baltimore $50 yankees1
Toronto $10 seawolf17
New York (AL) $50 yankees1
Boston $20 LarryG
Tampa $20 Steelers8873
Detroit $13 mcgwirenut
Minnesota $6 molitor04x
Chicago (AL) $10 Bobbyd9179
Kansas City $7 LarryG
Cleveland $8 JGerutfan9
Seattle $10 seawolf17
Texas $14 molitor04x
Houston $10 Therion
Oakland $10 Bobbyd9179
Los Angeles (AL) $26 mcgwirenut
Philadelphia $6 LarryG
Washington $7 mcgwirenut
Atlanta $28 mcgwirenut
Miami $13 mcgwirenut
New York (NL) $20 seawolf17
Milwaukee $7 LarryG
Chicago (NL) $13 mcgwirenut
Pittsburgh $7 LarryG
Cincinnati $20 Steelers8873
St Louis $22 molitor04x
Colorado $12 LarryG
Arizona $21 molitor04x
San Francisco $8 mcgwirenut
Los Angeles (NL) $20 David K.
San Diego $10 grapler135s

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If you're comfortable doing it, I'm fine with it. I just don't trust our mail system ;)
I can also take Venmo if you don't have paypal.
Ok, I would prefer cash. I don’t like any of the pay systems.

Thanks for being lenient. I understand hard to rely on the mail systems, but I’ve only had this go bad one time, so I trust it the same as I do sending cards through the mail.