COMPLETE.. 2020 Topps Chrome 5 Hanger & 2020 Topps Archives 1 Blaster Serial #


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Serial Drawing and Team Break to commence at 10pm EST
-> Link to watch

2020 Topps Chrome 5 Hanger Box & 2020 Topps Archives 1 Retail Blaster Break
5 Hanger Boxes of 2020 Topps Chrome 5 Packs Per Box, 4 Chrome Cards per Pack. 2 Coupons for Gallery as well. And, a 5 card preview pack of Topps Gallery.
1 Blaster Box of 2020 Topps Archives, 7 Packs plus 1 oversized card. 57 Total Trading cards per box.

This will be a random serial number style group box break where each spot will be determined by with 5 resets to determine the serial position based on your pick.
If the card isn't serial numbered, then it goes based on the cards last #. ie 135 -> 5 or 71 -> 1. If It's letter based, ie AH -> H=8 or BC -> C=3, etc.

Price is $15 for the first spot and $14 for each additional spot. Each spot will get you one serial spot and covers shipping. Every card will be mailed to the corresponding member that has that serial or card #.

Here is how this break would work. You let me know how many spots you want. If you would like your name next to a specific number please let me know when you tell me how many spots you would like, otherwise, I will put you down in the next available spot. I will add this to the Trade Manager for everybody along with my PayPal address. Please don't pay until the spots are full here. After all of the spots, I will request payment. I will then go live with the serial# randomization. Both the number list and the serial list will be in separate lists, that will be randomized 5 times each. These two lists will be placed side by side to determine which bench member gets which serial #.

Product is in hand, and all cards will be mailed!

Please let me know if anybody has any questions.

This one should be much easier to fill! :)

1 criollos PAID
2 David K PAID
3 DaSoxFan PAID
4 dragonslayer913 PAID
5 Benski3 PAID
6 grapler135s PAID
7 David K PAID
8 grapler135s PAID
9 LarryG PAID
10 dragonslayer913 PAID drawing
1. 1 1 criollos PAID
2. 4 7 David K PAID
3. 7 10 dragonslayer913 PAID
4. 6 5 Benski3 PAID
5. 9 9 LarryG PAID
6. 3 6 grapler135s PAID
7. 5 4 dragonslayer913 PAID
8. 8 8 grapler135s PAID
9. 0 3 DaSoxFan PAID
10. 2 1. 2 David K PAID
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saved for future information

Big Hits of the break:
2020 Topps Chrome Rookie Autographs #RANH Nico Hoerner
2020 Topps Chrome #60 Luis Robert RC
2020 Topps Chrome Negative Refractors #200 Yordan Alvarez
2020 Topps Chrome Future Stars Gold Refractors #FS17 Willians Astudillo
2020 Topps Archives #159 Luis Robert RC
2020 Topps Chrome Freshman Flash #FF5 Luis Robert
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Take me off the Chrome break and give me #5 here. Can't afford both and almost finished with Chrome but just starting Archives. Thanks Benny


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Let’s get this one filled!! I have the product in hand, and it’s just begging to be ripped open!
Three more spots! Also I will be including a free spot into a future break if you hit a 1/1 in this one!!
Many thanks for joining up and making this a new thing for me on the bench!