*Complete* 2023 Topps Series 1 1st Edition Hobby Box Auction Style Group Break

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Jan 4, 2004
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Live Break^^^^^^^^^^^^
2023 Topps Series 1 1st Edition Hobby Box
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"Look for exclusive 1st Edition versions of Baseball Stars Autograph Cards numbered to 100 or less, with up to 3 levels of parallels to collect including Platinum 1/1."

Each card is labeled with a 1st edition stamp.
24 Cards per Box, 10 Cards per pack

No relics in this product, just autographs and parallels! Only the good stuff!

Auction Style Group Break
Red Sox $20 LarryG paid
Orioles $44 zlw1 paid
Yankees $25 gestes72 paid
Blue Jays $25 Bdink25 paid
Rays $16 LarryG paid
Royals $16 Waltdii paid
Guardians $19 LarryG paid
Twins $11 Griffy25 paid
Tigers $20 mcgwirenut paid
White Sox $11 zlw1 paid
Angels $25 Bdink25 paid
M's $17 LarryG paid
A's $6 grapler135s paid
Astros $15 Therion paid
Rangers $7 grapler135s paid
Mets $20 Waltdii paid
Nationals $10 [email protected] paid
Braves $50 gestes72 paid
Marlins $15 mcgwirenut paid
Phillies $12 zlw1 paid
Cardinals $30 mcgwirenut paid
Brewers $8 aspoe093 paid
Pirates $11 Waltdii paid
Cubs $15 mcgwirenut paid
Reds $7 grapler135s paid
Padres $22 mcgwirenut paid
Dodgers $11 zlw1 paid
Diamondbacks $7 LarryG paid
Rockies $7 LarryG paid
Giants $7 zlw1 paid

Total remaining $0
paypal F&F preferred, 4.9% for G&S.

This is a no skunk break as well. Any team that does not get at least 1 card will be credited 1/2 of their $$ back toward a future group break!

Sales will be posted via Transactions tab once the break fills up.


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This is arriving today! I bumped up a ton of spots so we can get this closer.
Those of you interested in a random team break, there will be a second box posted for random teams exclusively.
85.00 left

Let's fill this up! Box is in hand. Once it's filled, I will send out requests for payment. This will be setup for breaking shortly thereafter.
73.00 left... bumped up three teams $1 $1 $2

If we can get some movement, I'll bump the Orioles up $12

I can't believe how little interest there is in this product considering the possibilities...