COMPLETE, 2023 Topps x Bob Ross + Holiday Break

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Jan 4, 2004

This Auction Style group break is for
1 Collector's Box of 2023 topps x Bob Ross The Joy of Baseball 8 Packs/12 Cards Per Pack (2 Autos + 1 Pen per box)
1 Mega Box of 2023 topps Holiday 10 Packs/10 Cards Per Pack (1 Guaranteed Relic or Auto per box)
Bob Ross Checklist

Holiday Checklist

If we hit either a Bob Ross exclusive SP or non-baseball relic/relic auto from Holiday, they will be auctioned off on eBay and the proceeds will be evenly split to everyone as group break credit toward a future break! (Approx 75-80% of final sale will be evenly divided among the 30 spots)
The Rockies do not have any cards in Bob Ross, but they do in Holiday. To make things even, the Pen from the Bob Ross break will go to the Rockies spot! They are really nice from what I've seen!

This is an Auction Style Group Break, therefore once it reaches the threshold, the transactions will be posted in the trade manager and once everyone confirms/pays their spot(s) I will post up a date & time for the YouTube break!


Orioles $40 yankees1
Yankees $40 yankees1
Blue Jays $5 mcgwirenut
Rays $3 Eliatack
Red Sox $30 LarryG
Guardians $4 LarryG
White Sox $4 mcgwirenut
Twins $5 LarryG
Royals $7 LarryG
Tigers $10 mechjo16
Mariners $18 notsnoopdog
Angels $22 LarryG
Astros $8 yankees1
Rangers $7 LarryG
A's $5 peaceandlove
Nationals/Expos $2 zlw1
Phillies $8 journeyman
Marlins $10 mcgwirenut
Braves $27 mcgwirenut
Mets $15 seawolf17
Reds $6 rtsjr
Cardinals $35 peaceandlove
Brewers $4 aspoe093
Pirates $12 seawolf17
Cubs $6 zlw1
Diamondbacks $16 mcgwirenut
Padres $10 mcgwirenut
Dodgers $14 LarryG
Rockies/Pen $16 mcgwirenut
Giants $8 LarryG


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Orioles $15
Red Sox $15
Guardians $4
Tigers $7
Mariners $11
A's $4
Braves $12
Dodgers $11
Rockies/Pen $10
Orioles to $25
Marlins to $5
Rockies to $12
Yankees to $12
Diamondbacks to $13
Braves to $14
Red Sox to $18
White Sox to $4
Royals to $4
Os 28
Yanks 15

$122 remaining.

I will close this break on 12/7/23 if this does not fill.
Yankees 40
orioles 40
Astros 10
This will close us out!
However there was one bid prior from mcgwirenut via pm at 3:57pm on sportscardclub.
So your astros spot will be $8 instead of $10.

He bid up the braves by $2.