COMPLETE!... 3 Boxes 2023 Topps Series 2 Hobby (Auction Style)

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Jan 4, 2004
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After doing research and watching videos on the Tube, I found this is the best method of finding serials/sps/foils etc. And exclusive Black Parallels/Silver Packs as well...

So let's do it! 3 Box lot 2023 Topps Hobby Series 2. (IN-HAND)

Series 2 Checklist

Sell Sheet

24 Packs per box, 14 cards per pack, packs with relics will have less than 14 cards.

$400.00 Buy In. Shipping is $10 for no matter how many teams you get. All cards are shipped. I am expecting some packages to be more, and some to be less. This will cover everyone's package, as a majority will range $8-13.

***(Mike is going to be doing a charity set of Series 2 Baseball, and if you would like to donate 1 copy of each or some of your base cards toward it, I will be mailing a box of them to him at the end of sorting them. Please let me know if you would like to send some after the conclusion of the listing)***

This break will be done on YouTube and you can check out my previous breaks here! A link will be provided prior to the break for everyone to join when the break fills and has been paid for.

Baltimore $11 nomahlovesya
Toronto $10 seawolf17
New York (AL) $30 bdink25
Boston $22 larryg
Tampa $12 gestes72
Detroit $10 rtsjr
Minnesota $8 zlw1
Chicago (AL) $11 larryg
Kansas City $9 nomahlovesya
Cleveland $8 zlw1
Seattle $12 nomahlovesya
Texas $13 gestes72
Houston $8 zlw1
Oakland $7 gestes72
Los Angeles (AL) $18 nomahlovesya
Philadelphia $12 zlw1
Washington $10 rtsjr
Atlanta $15 David K.
Miami $9 larryg
New York (NL) $30 bdink25
Milwaukee $10 zlw1
Chicago (NL) $11 larryg
Pittsburgh $11 nomahlovesya
Cincinnati $10 rtsjr
St Louis $25 larryg
Colorado $10 larryg
Arizona $23 larryg
San Francisco $8 nomahlovesya
Los Angeles (NL) $14 larryg
San Diego $12 larryg

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$154 LEFT

Boxes arrive 06-08-23! Let's see if we can fill this to break them ASAP!