Complete Bowman Platinum break. 15 Spots $8 per spot $4 shipping, free on additional spots.


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Okay...waiting on Jerry and will be good to go, as Phil gets the sloppy leftovers!

Hopefully, you guys will click on the watch on Youtube link and jump in and chat.
Link here too. READY TO GO!!
Looks like Jerry is in!!


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Hi comments of the video?
I would recommend a more organized area for your breaks, way too much going on…less clutter would make more room for you! Think you bumped the camera at one time too…”Constructive criticism”…appreciate the breaks and your time Bob!
Thanks Josh


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I have a chance to pick up some boxes from my supplier. LMK what you would like to see in a break.
I can get boxes of
2 boxes of 2021 Elite at $100 each plus shipping large box is $21.50 and can probably get 6 boxes in a flat rate box
2 boxes of 2021 Elite FOTL at $145 each
2 boxes of 2021 Contenders FOTL at $210 each
2 boxes of 2021 Contenders at $130 each
So if I did a break there would 2 boxes of which product you want broken and it would be price of the boxes plus shipping, divided by 15 spots plus $4 shipping out for the first spot.

I can also get boxes of 2021 Leaf Metal Draft at $120 a box and Metal Draft Jumbos at $200 plus shipping, after I get them.

He has 1 Box of Bowman Inception for sale at $170 plus shipping.

He has a limited number of the boxes, so please LMK ASAP if you want the boxes for the break or for yourself.
Thanks Bob