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COMPLETED SETS & wax/ foil packs f/t.....


4.90 star(s)
1989 & 1990 Bowman Sweepstakes inserts complete sets. ’89 eleven card set ($6.) & ’90 eleven card set ($1.50)

1989 Donruss Baseball's Best~ Complete hand collated set 1-336 ($35.)
1990 Donruss~ Complete set. Factory-issued sets were twice sealed, this set has no outside seal, the inside seal is intact w/sealed bricks of cards + Yastrzemski puzzle ($10.)
1991 Donruss~ 36 ct. box of '91 wax packs w/ randomly inserted rated rookies, diamond kings & Stargell puzzle ($15.) x 2.
1992 Donruss~ 36 ct. box of '92 wax packs w/ randomly inserted Cal Ripken auto cards ($15.)
1992 Donruss~ Factory sealed box set featuring 44 rated rookie cards ($10.)
1992 Donruss McDonalds~ 33 card set: 26 MVPs from each team + 6 card subset of Toronto Blue Jay Gold Series (Joe Carter/ Devon White/ Roberto Alomar/ Kelly Gruber/ Jack Morris/ Tom Henke). Exclusive to McDonalds Canada. ($15.)

1986 Fleer Baseball’s Best~ Complete set of 22 of the best sluggers and 22 of the best pitchers in the original box. Produced as a limited edition exclusively for McCrory’s stores. Set is in mint condition & includes 6 (not the standard 5) different Famous Feats baseball sticker cards ($8).
1988 Fleer SuperStars~ Complete set of 44. Sold & dist. by McCrorys Store exclusively ($4.)
1992 Fleer~ Complete set 720 cards w/8 card W.S. Set. Hand collated. Mint. ($8.)
1991 Fleer Ultra~ 36 ct. box (have 35 of 36 packs in factory box) of '91 Ultra wax packs w/randomly packed Ultra Team cards. ($12.50).
1992 Fleer Roger Clemens Career Highlights~ complete insert set of 15 cards. ($15.)
1994 Fleer~ 36 ct. box of '94 wax packs w/ 9 different insert series ($30.)

1991 Kellogg’s Corn Flakes 3D~ Complete set of 15 holographic cards unopened in individual packets: Banks, Brock, Kiner, Mays, Gibson, Berra, Aaron, Spahn, Baylor, Fingers, Carlton, G.Perry, Powell, Killebrew & Billy Williams ($12.)

1992 Leaf~ Series 1 hand collated: 1—264 ($5.)

1988 Score~ Five card Reggie Jackson series from base set. ($3.)
1988 Score~ Complete hand-collated set of Score’s inaugural year, hand-collated, includes Glavine RC & five card Reggie Jackson series ($8.)
1990 Score~ Factory sealed set ($10.) x 3.
1991 Score~ 36 ct. box of '91 wax packs series 2 ($12.)

1986 Sportsflics~ Premier set in factory box. Complete 200 cards + 133 trivia cards. ($12.)

1993 Stadium Club~ 1 sealed 24 ct box Series 2 & 1 sealed 24 ct box Series 3. Master photo enclosed in each box w/ special 1st Day production cards ($20. ea).

1986 Topps~ Mini League Leaders. Hand collated complete set of 66. ($8.)
1986 Topps Traded Set ~ complete in factory box 1--132. Includes RCs of Canseco, Bonds, Will Clark & Bo Jackson.
1990 Topps~ Traded Set complete in factory box 1--132. Includes RCs of Dave Justice, John Olerud and Travis Fryman.
1997 Topps~ Complete factory set opened w/ Jackie Robinson tribute card. Mint.($60.)
1999 Topps~ Factory sealed box set. Features McGwire HR Record subset of 70 variations single card range $50. + Sosa HR Parade subset of 66 variations single card range $15. ($50.)
2000 Topps~ Factory sealed box set ($50.) x 2.
2001 Topps~ Complete factory box set unsealed. 5 Topps Future Archives gold bordered reprints incl. ($100.)
2006 Topps Rookie of the Week~ Complete Set of 25. 1-M.Mantle 2-B.Bonds 3-R.Clemens 4-E.Banks 5-N.Ryan 6-A.Pujols 7-R.Clemente 8-F.Robinson 9-B.Robinson 10-D.Jeter 11-R.Jackson 12-G.Brett 13-Ichiro Suzuki 14-C.Ripken 15-T.Seaver 16-J.Bench 17-M.Schmidt 18-H.Killebrew 19-B.Gibson 20-O.Smith 21-R.Henderson 22-T.Gwynn 23-W.Boggs 24-R.Sandberg 25-M.Mantle.

2008 Topps Emerald Giants ~complete 32 card team set:
SFG1 Aurilla, SFG2 Bocock SFG3 bowker SFG4 castillo SFG5 davis SFG6 durham SFG7 holm SFG8 lewis SFG9 molina SFG10 ortmeier SFG11 roberts SFG12 rowland SFG13 VelezRC SFG14 vizquel SFG15 winn SFG16 cain SFG17chulk SFG18 correia SFG19 hennessey SFG20 lincecumRC SFG21 lowry SFG22 sanchez SFG23 taschner SFG24 threets SFG25 valdezRC SFG26 walker SFG27 wilson SFG28 zito SFG29 righetti/wotus SFG30 gardner/hayes SFG31 flannery/kelly/landsford SFG32 bochy.

2009 Topps/Emerald~ Sealed pack of 31 card team set of Giants ($7.)
Includes Aaron ROWAND, Randy WINN, Pablo SANDOVAL in his first full-season, Tim LINCECUM in one of his Cy Young Award-winning campaigns & Matt CAIN, this was Randy JOHNSON's final year.

2011 Topps Giants Exclusive Factory Team Set~ Unopened 17 card World Series Champions Giants team set: SFG1 posey SFG2 lincecum SFG3 huff SFG4 cain SFG5 burrell SFG6 bumgarner SFG7 tejada SFG8 ross SFG9 rowand SFG10 sanchez SFG11 j.sanchez SFG12 sandoval SFG13 zito SFG14 torres SFG15 derosa SFG16 wilson SFG17 AT&T Park

1992 Toronto Blue Jays Fire Safety~ Sealed pack of the World Series Champions issued only in Canada. 1-E.Zosky 2-M.Lee 3-B.Bailor 4-A.Griffin 5-R.Mulliniks 7-R.Hacker 8-J.Sullivan 9-J.Olerud 10-P.Borders 12-R.Alomar 14-D.Bell 15-P.Tabler 17-K.Grube 18-G.Tenace 20-R.Ducey 21-G.Myers 22-J.Key 23-C.Maldonado 24-T.Ward 25-D.White 29-J.Carter 30-T.Stottlemyre 31-D.Ward 32-D.Winfield 36-D.Wells 37-D.Stieb 39-L.Hisle 40-M.Timlin 42-G.Cisco 43-C.Gaston 45-R.MacDonald 46-K.Dayley 47-J.Morris 50-T.Henke 66-J.Guzman + checklist.

1989 Upper Deck~ Factory sealed set. Not cello wrapped but with a round sticker on flap.
1990 Upper Deck~ Hand collated 1-700 mint condition. 701-800 in factory-issue sealed box. Sosa, Griffey Rcs ($15.)
1990 Upper Deck~ Factory sealed set ($20.)
1990 Upper Deck~ 19 individual wax packs ($12.)
1990 Upper Deck Heroes~ Reggie Jackson complete set of 10 including header ($4.)
1991 Upper Deck Heroes~ Hank Aaron complete set of 10 including header ($5.)
1992 Upper Deck Heroes~ Ted Williams complete set of 10 including header ($8.50)
1993 Upper Deck Heroes~ Willie Mays complete set of 10 including header ($4.)
2000 Upper Deck Collection ~ Set of 10 sweepstakes cards: (1) R.Jackson jersey (2)J.Marichal jersey (3)B.Ruth bat (4)D.Drysdale jersey (5)Ty Cobb jersey (6)Pee Wee Reese jersey (7)J.DiMaggio glove (8)L.Gehrig jersey (9)M.Mantle bat (10)B.Ruth final appearance bat.