completED SETS & wax/ foil packs f/t.....


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Looking to trade these for equal in retail price or sell for 75% of retail price (shipping can be worked out....)

1989 & 1990 Bowman Sweepstakes inserts complete sets. ’89 eleven card set ($6.) & ’90 eleven card set ($1.50)

1985 Donruss~ Complete set of sealed bricks of 55 cards in factory box with complete Gehrig puzzle. RCs Kirby Puckett, Roger Clemens, Eric Davis, Brett Saberhagen, Dwight Gooden ($100.)
1989 Donruss Baseball's Best~ Complete hand collated set 1-336 ($35.)
1990 Donruss~ Complete set. Factory-issued sets were twice sealed, this set has no outside seal, the inside seal is intact w/sealed bricks of cards + Yastrzemski puzzle ($10.) img. 4646.
1992 Donruss~ Factory sealed box set featuring 44 rated rookie cards ($10.)
1992 Donruss McDonalds~ 33 card set: 26 MVPs from each team + 6 card subset of Toronto Blue Jay Gold Series (Joe Carter/ Devon White/ Roberto Alomar/ Kelly Gruber/ Jack Morris/ Tom Henke). Exclusive to McDonalds Canada. ($15.)

1986 Fleer Baseball’s Best~ Complete set of 22 of the best sluggers and 22 of the best pitchers in the original box. Produced as a limited edition exclusively for McCrory’s stores. Set is in mint condition & includes 6 (not the standard 5) different Famous Feats baseball sticker cards ($8).
1988 Fleer SuperStars~ Complete set of 44. Sold & dist. by McCrorys Store exclusively ($4.)
1992 Fleer~ Complete set 720 cards w/8 card W.S. Set. Hand collated. Mint. ($8.) img. 4644
1992 Fleer Roger Clemens Career Highlights~ complete insert set of 15 cards. ($15.)
1994 Fleer~ 36 ct. box of '94 wax packs w/ 9 different insert series ($30.) img. 4641

1991 Kellogg’s Corn Flakes 3D~ Complete set of 15 holographic cards unopened in individual packets: Banks, Brock, Kiner, Mays, Gibson, Berra, Aaron, Spahn, Baylor, Fingers, Carlton, G.Perry, Powell, Killebrew & Billy Williams ($12.)

1992 Leaf~ Series 1 hand collated: 1—264 ($5.)

1988 Score~ Five card Reggie Jackson series from base set. ($3.)
1988 Score~ Complete hand-collated set of Score’s inaugural year, hand-collated, includes Glavine RC & five card Reggie Jackson series ($8.)
1990 Score~ Factory sealed set ($10.) x 3.
1991 Score~ 36 ct. box of '91 wax packs series 2 ($12.) img 4642.

1986 Sportsflics~ Premier set in factory box. Complete 200 cards + 133 trivia cards. ($12.)?

1993 Stadium Club~ 1 sealed 24 ct box Series 2 & 1 sealed 24 ct box Series 3. Master photo enclosed in each box w/ special 1st Day production cards ($20. ea). Img. 4635

1986 Topps~ Mini League Leaders. Hand collated complete set of 66. ($8.)
1990 Topps~ Traded Set complete in factory box 1--132. Includes RCs of Dave Justice, John Olerud and Travis Fryman. (img.4624)
1997 Topps~ Complete factory set opened w/ Jackie Robinson tribute card. Mint.($60.) img. 4626
1999 Topps~ Factory sealed box set. Features McGwire HR Record subset of 70 variations single card range $50. + Sosa HR Parade subset of 66 variations single card range $15. ($50.) img. 4647
2000 Topps~ Factory sealed box set ($50.) x 2. Img. 4643
2001 Topps~ Complete factory box set unsealed. 5 Topps Future Archives gold bordered reprints incl. ($100.)
2006 Topps Rookie of the Week~ Complete Set of 25. 1-M.Mantle 2-B.Bonds 3-R.Clemens 4-E.Banks 5-N.Ryan 6-A.Pujols 7-R.Clemente 8-F.Robinson 9-B.Robinson 10-D.Jeter 11-R.Jackson 12-G.Brett 13-Ichiro Suzuki 14-C.Ripken 15-T.Seaver 16-J.Bench 17-M.Schmidt 18-H.Killebrew 19-B.Gibson 20-O.Smith 21-R.Henderson 22-T.Gwynn 23-W.Boggs 24-R.Sandberg 25-M.Mantle.

2009 Topps/Emerald~ Sealed pack of 31 card team set of Giants ($7.)
Includes Aaron ROWAND, Randy WINN, Pablo SANDOVAL in his first full-season, Tim LINCECUM in one of his Cy Young Award-winning campaigns & Matt CAIN, this was Randy JOHNSON's final year.

1992 Toronto Blue Jays Fire Safety~ Sealed pack of the World Series Champions issued only in Canada. 1-E.Zosky 2-M.Lee 3-B.Bailor 4-A.Griffin 5-R.Mulliniks 7-R.Hacker 8-J.Sullivan 9-J.Olerud 10-P.Borders 12-R.Alomar 14-D.Bell 15-P.Tabler 17-K.Grube 18-G.Tenace 20-R.Ducey 21-G.Myers 22-J.Key 23-C.Maldonado 24-T.Ward 25-D.White 29-J.Carter 30-T.Stottlemyre 31-D.Ward 32-D.Winfield 36-D.Wells 37-D.Stieb 39-L.Hisle 40-M.Timlin 42-G.Cisco 43-C.Gaston 45-R.MacDonald 46-K.Dayley 47-J.Morris 50-T.Henke 66-J.Guzman + checklist.

1989 Upper Deck~ Factory sealed set. Not cello wrapped but with round sticker on flap.
1990 Upper Deck~ Hand collated 1-700 mint condition. 701-800 in factory-issue sealed box. Sosa, Griffey Rcs ($15.). img. 4625
1990 Upper Deck~ Factory sealed set ($20.) img. 4633
1990 Upper Deck~ 19 individual wax packs ($12.)
1990 Upper Deck Heroes~ Reggie Jackson complete set of 10 including header ($4.)
1991 Upper Deck Heroes~ Hank Aaron complete set of 10 including header ($5.)
1992 Upper Deck Heroes~ Ted Williams complete set of 10 including header ($8.50)
1993 Upper Deck Heroes~ Willie Mays complete set of 10 including header ($4.)
2000 Upper Deck Collection ~ Set of 10 sweepstakes cards: (1) R.Jackson jersey (2)J.Marichal jersey (3)B.Ruth bat (4)D.Drysdale jersey (5)Ty Cobb jersey (6)Pee Wee Reese jersey (7)J.DiMaggio glove (8)L.Gehrig jersey (9)M.Mantle bat (10)B.Ruth final appearance bat ($?).
2001 Upper Deck Mid Summer Classic~ unopened box of 8 packs of 8 cards. Possible game-used AS player jersey & patch cards + 25 RCs including Pujols, Ichiro. Retail $20.00


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Hi Steve, priority is in '70s baseball.... Jeter after that, N.Ryan only career years & then RCs over $5.00, thanks, lmk.....

70's baseball not likely, I do have a partial 77 set but not many good players in it (would be a good starter set), don't have much in jeter or ryan, so what players rc's are you looking for?? I do have some $5.00+ rc that are sitting stale in my trade box.


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Steve, I would be interested in the partial '77 set, I don't need stars, interested mostly in condition, if they are NM you especially have my interest. LMK......


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I'd give you a $25 value of 5 baseball rookie cards for the 2001 Upper Deck Mid Summer Classic box. The issue is I don't know what the rookies would be. I can guarantee they would be at least $5 a piece, but I would have to spend hours finding them and wouldn't be willing to list them to you unless you were completely sold on the deal. Therefore, I would need you to agree to the deal before I dug them out. I have 100,000+ cards, so the opportunity cost for me just isn't there unless you can guarantee to do the deal after I dig out the cards. let me know.


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Also, if you collect football and basketball, I think I have a better chance of finding such cards of that value. If you're open to basketball and football, I would make the offer a $30 value. LMK