Completing Checklist from Walmart & Target mini's

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Feb 14, 2006
Memphis, TN
I'll Start the First with Target (Red Back mini's)...............Would apprecite card #, player, team

1. Mickey Mantle/New York Yankees
2. Rogers Hornsby/Phiadelphia Athletics
3. Warren Spawn/Milwaukee Braves
4. Jackie Robinson/Brooklyn Godgers
5. Ty Cobb/Detroit Tigers
6. Cy Young/Cleveland Naps
7. Albert Pujols/St. Louis Cardinals
8. Mariano Rivera/New York Yankees
9. Jimmie Foxx/Philadelphia Athletics
10. Reggie Jackson/New York Yankees
11. Lou Gehrig/New York Yankees
12. Dizzy Dean/St. Louis Browns
13. Chipper Jones/Atlanta Braves
14. Cal Ripen Jr./Baltimore Orioles
15. David Wright/New York Mets

Please if anyone knows anything about the Walmart set, post here or PM me please...............Thanks................Mike

1. Babe Ruth/New York Yankees
2. Stan Musial/St. Louis Cardinals
3. George Sisler/St. Louis Browns
4. Tim Lincecum/San Francisco Giants
5. Ichiro/Seattle Mariners
6. Roy Halladay/Toronto Blue Jays
7. Walter Johnson/Washington Senators
8. Nolan Ryan/Texas Rangers
9. Hanley Ramirez/Florida Marlins
10. Derek Jeter/New York Yankees
11. Tom Seaver/New York Mets
12. Roger Maris/New York Yankees
13. Honus Wagner/Pittsburgh Pirates
14. Vladimir Guerrero/Los Angeles Angels
15. Mel Ott/New York Giants
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