Crazy 4 day Rangers Adventure

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Nov 4, 2009
I'd like to preface this by saying hello, this is my first success thread after lurking on here for awhile. Learned some great things from you guys, had the pleasure of meeting Andrew and Darrell(thehalk) on Saturday at Fan fest. They were very cool and helped me out tremendously.Thanks guys...

As this is my first foray, I will attempt to recreate my Wed-Sat(warning, it is a long read)...

I have not collected auto's in almost 20 years and all these acquired go straight to my 11 yr old nephew. He is amassing quite a collection; but more importantly, it helps him like to play the game for the right reasons, keeps him motivated to strive but he has fun. As someone that pitched in college and played in high school against dudes like Ben Grieve, Trey Beamon, Kerry Wood, Richie Sexton etc..I understand the importance of keeping baseball fun, especially for 11 yr olds. If he wants to continue to play, he won't have a choice, it will turn into work but we are all about fun.

Wednesday I was in Dallas and my buddy lives two blocks from the Rangers Pro Shop on McKinney Avenue. At 530, Scott Feldman and Brandon McCarthy signed. To illustrate the lack of support in Dallas the Rangers receive, maybe 25 showed.Took maybe 20 minutes then got back to Idle Rich for some adult beverages.... I got
Scott Feldman 6 cards 1 sig card
McCarthy 7 cards 1 sig

Thursday was back to Arlington with a Winter Caravan appearance at Academy Sports. It was raining like a mother out there, which helped keep the crowd down...My 2 nephews and brother went...Maybe 150-200 people there. Q&A for about 15 minutes then auto line...We got
Jim Sundberg 4 cards 3 sig cards
Mike Maddux 4 cards 3 sig cards
Tom Grieve 3 cards 3 sig cards
Ron Washington 4 cards 3 sig
Derek Holland 4 cards
Rich Harden 3 cards 1 SS OMLB
with inscription on side panel of "6/8/08 3 K's 9 pitches 1 inning vs LA" (note he i think was the 38th mlber to accomplish that feat, kinda cool)....

Friday For the third year in a row, my brother, sister-in-law and nephew attended the Winter Awards Banquet. It is a fun event; and this year it was at the Omni in Ft Worth. This year there was an autograph signing. It went like this, at 4 o clock they posted who was in the 3 auto rooms(2 players per room)at 4:30 tickets were distributed(one ticket per banquet ticket). My nephew and I arrived at 3:30 and were 5th in line. When the line-up came out, I asked him which one he wanted, he picked Room A(Elvis Andrus & Martin Perez).He picked room C for me(Michael Young & Craig Gentry). My brother & sister in law made it at 6:15 and each got a ticket. So I went to Room B(Justin Smoak& Scott Feldman) and nephew again picked Room A.
During the banquet, they clamp down on auto's pretty vigorously;but with an 11 yr old, he can still get away with a couple. Here is what we got:

Elvis Andrus 2 cards 1 SS OMLB
Martin Perez 1 card 1 SS OMLB 1 sig card
Michael Young 2 cards 1 SS OMLB w "6X AL All-star"
Craig Gentry 1 card
Justin Smoak 3 cards 1 SS NCAA ball 2 sig cards
Scott Feldman 1 4x6 1 SS OMLB(game used)
Josh Hamilton 1 8x10
Neftali Feliz 4 cards 1 8X10
(that dude is super cool, he signed a block of cheddar cheese on sat that someone brought to him b/c "he brings the cheddar")
Dave Anderson 1 card
Mitch Moreland 3 cards
Rusty Greer 3 cards
Jose Guzman 1 card
Rich Harden 1 card

and one of the best surprises was Clayton Kershaw was there receiving the Texas Professional player of the year award. My nephew, Clayton, got him right before he left. 1 SS OMLB

Sorry so long!! Last day!!!
Saturday-Ranger fan fest, cold as hell and tons of people. Since we had gotten the main guys, I chose to focus on the smaller lines and get some minor leaguers,alumni,etc. I know Andrew and Darrell made out like bandits; but I was still quite pleased with my haul.And thanks again to them!!

Brandon Boggs 2 cards 1 sig card
Kasey Kiker 2 cards
Scott Coolbaugh 3 cards 1 sig card
Pete O'Brien 1 card 2 sig cards
Claude Osteen 1 card
Luis Ortiz 1 card 1 sig card
Ben Snyder 1 4x6 1 sig card
Tanner Scheppers 2 cards 1 sig card 1 SS NCAA ball w "2008 Nat'l Champs"
Zach Phillips 2 cards
Justin Smoak 1 bp maple bat(bought there for $25) 2 sig cards
Mitch Moreland 1 card 2 sig cards
Rich Harden 1 card 1 sig card
Blake Beavan 4 cards 1 sig card
Tommy Hunter 3 cards
Darren Oliver 4 cards 2 sig cards
Eric Hurley 4 cards
Max Ramirez 3 cards
Ray Burris 1 card 1 sig card
Benji Gil 1 card 1 sig card
Mike Jeffcoat 4 cards
Steve Buechele 3 cards 2 sig cards
Scott Feldman 2 cards
Brandon McCarthy 1 card 1 sig card
David Murphy 1 card
Jarrod Saltalamacchia 1 SS OMLB

We had a blast!!Sorry for the length but wanted to put this all together..thanks again for the tips, i wish some of the sigs looked better; but it is what it is. I'm sure some of the sig cards are for trade...

Thanks for reading!!!


here are some of the cards!unfortunately no dig camera right now or i would post the baseballs and Smoak BP bat too! Auto Week/
Bravo and welcome.

It always seems like the Rangers players sign a lot of autographs at Arlington. If you need any Tigers or Loons (Dodgers low A team), maybe we can work something out down the road. ;)

thanks a lot everyone! it's cool watching Clayton get stoked when he comes back from just getting an auto..especially the omlb's. he made sure to learn "blue pen please" in spanish just before he got martin perez.

and i got to see Andrew first-hand wreck shop!! :) Just wish Vlad was there; but apparently a few visa issues kept him out of the country. still considering a road trip to Surprise this March though...

tigsfan--- i used to live in Austin(greatest city in Texas btw) and met Kyle Russell a few times. Cool dude and super nice. I believe Aaron Miller from Baylor played there too last year. Got him TTM at the end of the season...But I'm sure there are some Tigers he could use...
I agree, I got Russell late last season, as I was only around for a few games (I go when I'm at college, MUCH closer). Miller played 7 games last year in Midland, so I think he will be back. I don't expect Ethan Martin, Russell, or Dee Gordon to return, but rather end up in high class A next season. I'm crossing my fingers for Gallagher though. :)

I do have a few extra Tigers, some harder to acquire than others. All of my extras, IP and TTM, are found here. Collection/For Trade/

My only exceptions are my extra Bonderman's, Verlander, and Loons team set from 2009.
I ended up with over 100 autos from the Mavs/Rangers events just on Saturday. Definitely an awesome haul...congrats on all of your pickups and thanks for the ones you helped me out with too. It was great getting to meet you and we will have to meet up again when I am back in Texas! :)
Good 'graphing!

(And you can't say "cold as hell" when you're talking about Texas weather. LOL :) )
Mort- It was in the 20s and the wind was blowing hard, us texans ain't used to that.

Chris- good meeting you too bro, thanks for snagging that Oliver for me for my Astros collection.

I ended up with 72 autographs myself from Rangers Fanfest, including two hits for my astros collection: Ron Washington and Darren Oliver
Andrew- that is a pretty maniacal amount for a day! :) Great job...In retrospect, I should have brought more for the Newberg Minor Leaguers and Alumni, they pretty much signed everything...but i can't complain...

Darrell-Glad to help man.You live close so hopefully we can meet up again soon, like maybe the exhibition game we just got free tixs to....

Mort- It was cold as hell. IN the 20's with light snow flurries(in the morning), and everything was outside.The wind was the wild card that exacerbated the conditions. I was bundled like the little brother from A Christmas Story...Luckily I didnt fall down!! :)