Crossing My Fingers!

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Jun 5, 2008
Santa Cruz, California
A friend of mine just found out that I collect baseball cards and starting pointing and laughing. he said he used to "WHEN HE WAS A KID!" anyway he went on to tell me about this giant stack of boxes of cards, his grandfather gave to his dad, then his dad gave to him, I said oh man that has to be a good time going through those! - his response...... Dude you can have em! they are just taking up space. - I'm going to be seeing him again next tuesday night. - I will update if he comes with some cards!!!
Wow, good luck. I love sifting through that. Dont forget about your Connecticut Yankee guy when you come accross the good stuff, lol.
Good luck. It's like the ultimate box break!

p.s. I'm saving Giants stuff for you just in case you can hit any of the needs in my sig...
Hopefully you will get lucky and get some Mays and McCovey cards:p

Good Luck
I have heard similar stories over the years, but none have really paid off big. Depending on your age, a "grandfathers" collection may not even be that old unless they were from his childhood! That doesn't discount the fact that gramps could have been buying the "new" stuff as an old man!

I hope for the best for you. Here is hoping there are some Goudeys, Play Balls, old Topps/Bowman or maybe ever better (T cards, Delongs, Cracker Jacks, Old Judge!!!)
I got a bunch of 54 Bowman like this once...had the rare Ted Williams amongst others...traded them for some 80's wax and a Donruss Opening Day set back in 1987....worst trade I ever did in my life....still haunts me now that I know what I had.
I have to agree with MrMopar. These things usually do not work out but hopefully for your sake it does. My father had friend who had a bunch of "old" cards at his house. They were 1988 Donruss.