Cubs/Bears/Blackhawks IP for trade

Tony Kozelichki

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On April 24, 2014, my 21 year old son died following a massive epileptic seizure. My wife and I have decided to endow a scholarship in his name at Culver Stockton College in Canton, MO, where he was to have graduated three weeks later. I have decided to sell all of his cards over the next few months, including a huge Sammy Sosa collection and my own Ryne Sandberg card collection with all proceeds going to the scholarship fund.

Checks may be made out to Culver Stockton College. I can also accept Paypal.

Shipping costs TBD, (most likely $1-2), but I will keep it as low as possible.

Will also trade for Chicago Cubs cards, especially Banks or Santo. Especially needed are 2016 Topps #212 Castro, 350 Bryant, 447 Zobrist, 453 Rizzo/Bryant, 668 Baez and Topps Update 12 Szczur, 138 Schwarber, 154 Cahill, 178 Almora, 208 Strop, 276 Grimm.

Also needed for personal Topps team sets: 94 Topps Traded Dunston #46, 02 Topps Traded Alfonseca #18 and 13 Matt Garza #643

The following cards were all obtained in person by my son at the Cubs, Bears and Blackhawks conventions.

$1.00 each
Paul Assenmacher 93 Donruss
Michael Barrett 06 Heritage
Buck Coats 05 Topps Total
Ron Coomer 01 Fleer Premium
Ron Coomer 02 Fleer Tradition
Jody Davis 83 Fleer
Jody Davis 86 Fleer Star Sticker
Jody Davis 87 Fleer
Jason Dubois 04 Donruss Team Heroes
Alberto Garcia 04 Bowman
Doug Glanville 98 Fleer Tradition
Richie Hebner 85 Fleer
Glenallen Hill 94 Ultra
Glenallen Hill 00 Upper Deck
Rich Hill 06 Topps Tradition
Todd Hollandsworth 06 Topps Tradition
Les Lancaster 91 Ultra
Jon Leiber 00 Fleer Tradition
Mike Mahoney 01 Fleer Triple Crown
Scott Moore 07 Fleer
Ryan O'Malley 07 Iowa DAV
Eric Patterson 06 Bowman
Kevin Tapani 00 Stadium Club
Steve Trout 85 OPC
Steve Trout 87 OPC
Chris Walker 05 Bowman Chrome
Todd Wellemeyer 04 Ultra
Randy Wells 07 Bowman
Rick Wilkins 92 Fleer
Rick Wilkins 94 Score
Eric Young 01 Fleer Focus
Matt Camp 10 Iowa
Thomas Diamond 10 Iowa
Jason Dubois 10 Iowa
Jay Jackson 10 Iowa
Mike Mason 10 Iowa
Blake Parker 10 Iowa
Chris Robinson 10 Iowa
Marquez Smith 10 Iowa

$3 each
Rod Beck 99 Thunder
Rod Beck 99 Chrome
Rod Beck 99 UD MVP
Joe Girardi 90 Fleer
Randy Hundley 06 Fleer Greats
Wellington Castillo 10 Iowa

$5 each
Jeff Samardzija 10 Iowa

Chicago Bears
Adewale Ogunleye 05 Topps Total $5

Chicago Blackhawks
Denis Savard 90-91 Pro Set $5
Terry Ruskowski 80-81 Topps $3

Boomer Grigsby, Kansas City Chiefs $1 each
05 Leaf Rookies & Stars Sample
05 Bowman
05 Topps Total
05 Bowman's Best
05 Topps Chrome
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I would like these, reminding me of fun childhood times watching the Cubs and Bears while growing up with my Grandparents. More than glad to provide the donation.

Ivan Dejesus 82 Donruss
Scott Sanderson 85 Seven-Up
Tom Waddle 94 Fleer
Tom Waddle 92 Action Packed

Also interested in Shawon Dunston signed cards, if you have any, let me know. Thanks and God Bless,

Kevin Mc


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Sale accepted, thanks Tony!

God Bless,

Kevin Mc

**Come on fellow benchies, buy these cards up, its for a great cause! **

Tony Kozelichki

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I sent you a message. I have a lot of other Cubs stuff listed on other pages. I guess you could click on my name and see them. If not, let me know and I'll send you the links. The pages include Cubs stars and commons, some GU/certified autos, and publications.

Let me know if I can help you in any way, and thanks for the donation.


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Thanks Tony, I replied to your PM, I have a set I am looking for from the 80s, its the 1986 Cubs Gatorade set, which was a stadium give away, much like the 85 7-up cards you have posted above. Not sure if you have the set or any individual cards, but I am definitely interested if you do!!

Thanks and God Bless,

Kevin Mc


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Hi. I have traded w/ you on SCF, I just found this thread and I'm really struck down to hear of your son's passing.... my condolences. I would like a chance at acquiring some of the signed cards above, if you could tell me if these are still available....
Is the 1985 Topps Tim Stoddard #693?
also, interested in these:
Randy Hundley 67 Topps
Randy Hundley 72 Topps
Randy Hundley 73 Topps
Randy Hundley 77 Topps
thanks, lmk..... Rooster.

Tony Kozelichki

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I have all of the cards. Total would be $11 ($9 for the five cards plus $2 shipping). If okay, please post and I'll get these out as early as Monday.


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Hello Tony,
If you still have any of these, I will take them

$1.00 cards
Bob Dernier 86 fleer
Bob Dernier 88 fleer
Bob Dernier 87 donruss
Gary Matthews 87 topps
Milt Pappas 84 brickhouse
Dwight Smith 90 fleer
Dwight Smith 93 triple play

$2.00 cards
Bill Madlock 01 ud
Lee Smith 84 fleer
Lee Smith 88 fleer



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I would like these two please:

Chicago Bears
Alex Brown 02 Topps $1
Mushin Muhammed 05 Topps Draft Picks & Prospects $3

If I sent $10, can you include two slab style card holders if you have them? I dont have any, and those would be perfect for the display I am making on my sports wall. If not, no worries, I will still purchase the two cards!

God Bless,

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