Cubs for trade with rcs

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Cubs for trade with rcs
Cubs for trade
jason heyward
2010 topps#353 5x
2010 topps update#us214 2x
2010 bowman blk border#200
kyle schwarber
2014 elite extra red#7

anthony rizzo

2011 topps update#us55 3x
manny ramirez
1991 topps stadium club dp#146
1991 classic draft picks# 60 3x
1991 classic draft pick#10
1992 topps#156 4x
1992 upperdeck#63 9x
1992 score#295
1992 bowman#532
1992 classic best#155
1992 score#800 3x
1992 donruss 'the rookies'#98 4x
javier baez
2011 playoff contenders blue#rt13

kris bryant
2014 leaf rize draft#5 23x
2014 bowman#tp-62 11x
2014 Bowman Prospects # BP25 $ 6 each
2014 Bowman Prospects Chrome # BCP25
2014 Bowman Draft Top Prospects # TP-62
2014 Bowman Chrome Fire Die Cut # FDC-KB
2014 Bowman Chrome Dueling Die-Cuts # DDC-BM BRYANT/Moran Cubs
2015 topps update#us79 rookies rising 2x

jorge soler
2013 bowman platinum#bpp28 12x
2013 bowman chrome mini#rtr-js
2014 donruss elite extra#97 red 2x
2014 donruss elite extra die cut purple#97 92/150
2014 donruss elite extra elite series blue#17
2015 topps#108 3x
addison russell
2013 topps allen & ginter#133
aismendy alcantara
2015 topps#37 2x
2014 topps update#us186
jake arrieta
2010 bowman#bdp41
2011 topps black#393
2011 topps diamand gold#393

travis wood
2011 bowman crome black#70
2010 bowman chrome black#bdp33
also have rookie cards from all teams. If you have a specific player just ask.
I collect bryce harper,trout,jeter,yount,brett,ozzie,mcgwire, bonds,clemens, ripken,mattingly,boggs rookie cards and autos only. Any hof autos or rookies or trade bait
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tom szczygiel

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I am interested in these
2014 Bpwman Sterling BSP-40 Schwarbler /99
2014 Elite Extra Red #7 Schwarbler
2012 Bowman Platinum Purple BPP85 Addison Russell
I have these to choose from
2013 Museum Jumbo Momentous Bat #MMJR-RY Yount 2/35
2013 Goodwin Mini Lady Luck Back #90 McGwire
2015 Diamond King Mini #55 Brett
2013 Archives 83 All Star #83-BG Brett
2015 Topps Comm Pin #CPP-05 Roger Clemens /199
send me a email or PM [email protected]


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Do you have anything else to choose from? Looking for rcs and autos of players I mentioned. Or any trade bait .lmk chris


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Kyle Schwarber

2014 Bowman
2014 Bowman Sterling 14/99

Anthony Rizzo

2010 Bowman Chrome

Javier Baez

2012 Bowman Platinum Purple

Kris Bryant

2014 Bowman BP25 x2
2015 Topps Update US283
2015 Topps Update US242 x2
2015 Topps Update US79
2015 Topps Update US78

Addison Russell

2013 Bowman Platinum Black
2013 Bowman Platinum
2015 Topps Update US208
2015 Topps Update US220

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