Curtis Granderson and Ian Kennedy


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2010 Spring Training

Curtis Granderson
0/2 - Sent my cards back and included his own signed card.

Ian Kennedy
3/2 - Long story, short.. A few years ago, he did a Q&A with Phil Hughes on the old Hughes blog.. My question to him was something along the lines of if he signed fan mail or did I waste my stamps (I had sent to him a week prior to that) He said he did but I never heard back from him. I told him about this in the letter and wished him well in AZ. He was cool enough to respond on the index card.

On a side note, I think he really is going to have a better career down there. He dominates the minor leagues and the NL west is as close as you get to that. I actually picked up two of his certified cards this off season while his value is down from being traded.

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