Custom Card project

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Apr 19, 2008
Abingdon VA
Anyone interested in working on a custom card project?

Had an idea to do up some generic type customs...maybe some team custom types Braves or whatever...that we could do in a PDF format and split up on a 8X10 sheet or whatever would fit the most...and could print off on high quality card stock at CVS or Walgreens or whatever online....index cards and photo paper on my printer are not looking to be holding up very well over figured this might be a better solution.

We could do them in the correct card size so we could fit it in top loaders and our album sleeves...just be a lot nicer than index cards and would probably hold up better over time.

I have zero talent with stuff like this so was hoping that maybe someone here who is good with graphics or maybe get a couple of people that could help make up something like this we could all use...I can put the files on my server for download in PDF format once completed so they would have a home.

anyone interested in something like this?
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here's 2 :


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