Custom set u/d 8/12


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Roddster has produced a custom set that I am trying to obtain all of

Does anybody have some of the sp's that they would be willing to trade?

I still need the Kobe Bryant if anybody has one for trade.

I need these of the new ones 95,97,98,100,102,103,105

I have these extras if anybody would like to work out a trade.

1 Paul Goldschmidt
4 Prince Fielder
6 Clayton Kershaw
11 Billy the Marlin
14 Wayne Gretzky
15 Giancarlo Stanton
17 Cliff Lee
18 Joey Votto
19 Yasiel Puig
20 Mr Met
22 Sailor Jack
24 Derek Jeter
25 Manny Machado
26 Tulo
27 Kevin James
28 Jose Fernandez
30 Sonny Gray
31 Lance Berkman
32 Hunter Pence
36 Yoenis Cespedes
37 Kendrys Morales
38 Martin Prado
39 Matt Holliday
40 Jose Bautista
41 David Ortiz
42 Ben Zobrist
43 Bob Dylan
45 Dirk Mowitzki
47 Eric Hosmer
49 Tim Hudson
50 Albert Pujols
51 Anthony Rizzo
52 J.K. Rowling
54 Eban Longoria
57 Christian Yelich
59 Carlos Santana
60 Zack Hample
61 Matt Kemp
62 Carlos Gonzalez
63 Claude Monet
65 Russell Wilson
66 John Diehl
67 Stan Musial
68 David Price
69 Ryan Zimmerman
70 Ryan Howard
71 Jayson Werth
72 Adam Jones
73 Jason Kipnis
74 Chase Headley
75 Floyd Mayweather
76 Torii Hunter
77 Ray Allen
78 Freddie Freeman
79 James Shields
81 Angel Pagan
84 Andrew McCutchen
88 Jose Abreu
90 Michael Morse
92 Mike Piazzi
99 Rod Carew'

SP Paul Goldschmidt 17/25

Plmk Thanks Stanley
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What exactly are you looking for?? SP of what?? Butch

It is a custom set that roddster produced. It has sp's of Kobe Bryant, Russell Wilson, Tom Brady, Vlad, and
Michael. I have Michael Vick and Vlad so I need the rest.

Thanks Stanley


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I got a few from him last year, 2008 a&g look-a-likes??, I have 3 spider man, 18 votto, 26 tulowitzki, and an auto (presume of himself), no holograms on the back. yours if you want them.


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I still need Russell Wilson and Kobe of the of the SP's. Does anybody have one of these they would be willing
to trade?

Plmk Thanks Stanley