Cut Signatures

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Oct 28, 2005
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I have several IP autographs from baseball players I obtained when I was a kid. I was thinking about making some custom cut signature cards and wanted to get some feedback from fellow Bench members. My fear is that they will be worthless after I tamper with them. Some of the autos I have are from deceased players. They are all in a small autograph book, and I'd like to do something with them to display them better. Any thoughts? Does anyone know if the values of the autographs will decrease if I do this?

I've seen it done before actually, and I saw one take those and then send them to PSA/DNA for authenticity. If you do it, you got to make some tricked out customs though.;)
yeah...i'd probably just send them to get them authenticated and slabbed instead of cutting them....but thats just me. I also think that when you have a multi-signed item it tends to lean more towards showing some sort of authenticity as it would be hard to "fake" something and it also tends to date things to a specific period as you might have someone in a group that only played in a place for a year or two....stuff like that...i just think that the multi-signed stuff is pretty cool.

I have a 1982 Braves Fan Magazine that I got signed and I wouldn't cut it up for anything. It's signed all over the place...on the cover, the back, the middle...
I have been buying 3x5s, hologram cards and other plain autographs with the intention of doing just that. However, laziness and lack of knowledge/creativity prevails and I have done nothing with them.

My opinion is that if you take a plain jane 3x5 and make it into something real unique, attractive and nice, it will only improve the item. However, I am also the guy who would prefer to have a valuable vintage card signed over a collectors issue or reprint too!

To me, there is no argument as to which card is better!