CWS - Tonight 6/21

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Jun 12, 2009
Didnt quite have the success of Friday but still had a good night. Best part was I was only out there for an hour at the most. Anyways here are the results. Scans coming soon just don't feel like posting them this late.

Erin Andrews 1/1 8x10 (WOW! Even better looking in person. She was the most hounded person tonight)

Orel Hershiser 2/2 1/1 (help) 2 SI's/8x10 (50/50) - Orel once again is the best signer here. While Nomar is personalizing doing one per and basically complaining about it, Orel will visit and sign. He didn't complain at all and it was midnight. Class act and beautiful sig

Trevor Bauer - 1/1 8x10 - UCLA stud pitcher. Could be wrong but I believe he lead the league in strikeouts. Was a cool guy and signed for everyone there. Good to see some kids havent let the spotlight get to them.

Gerit Cole - missed him. CWS security was kicking people out of the parking lot.

Tomm/Wed: Nomar, Gerit and Matt Purke hopefully. Thats all I have left