D R-S order? Finally some mail!


4.90 star(s)
OK, so the last name initials isn't my most creative title, but I made it work.

Brian Duensing
1/1 - personalized
16 days

Mr. T's Comment: As he just moved himself as Blackburn's rotation replacement, let's see to it that he continues being a quick signer. This is my first Twin back this year (sent to Cuddyer, Harris, Hudson, Gardenhire and Molitor too), so finally my Tiger's rival team broke the barrier.

Ryan Rowland-Smith
61 days

Mr. T's Comment: I guess being 1-9 (the win coming about a month ago) with a 6+ ERA on a last place team doesn't make you want to sign your mail that quick. Ryan will not be a likely trade piece this year, but good to see these returned. Maybe he can have a decent finish to the season now.
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