Dallas Stars and Texas Rangers


5.00 star(s)
Spent all day driving around Dallas getting autographs on my day off, great day with the buddies, sorry no scans, it is clean the house day haha

Dallas Stars- Went for Modano but he snuck in the back door

Steve Ott 2/2 cards, 1/1 Program
Toby Peterson 1/1 Puck
Mike Ribiero 2/2 cards
Brandon Segal 1/1 Puck
Marty Turco 3/3 Cards
Matt Niskanen 2/2 Programs
Philip Larsen 1/1 Puck
Stephan Robidas 1/1 Program

Texas Rangers- Previous to the game where the players drive in. Did not stay for the game because I was spending time with the family last night :)

Ryan Garko 2/2
Josh Hamilton 4/4
Dustin Nippert 1/1
Ron Washington 3/3
David Murphy 2/2
CJ Wilson stopped but he already signed everything I had monday at opening day.