Darin Erstad bats


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2009 has been a good year and I've managed to knock out a few things from my collecting goal list. I scored another rookie year bat (no photo yet) from the first batch of bats he ordered (name was misspelled on nameplate) and bat from 2008 (his first year with the Astros).

Added these as well. 2/4 and 3/4. If anyone knows where 4/4 is let me know!



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I couldn't not comment on this... wow. That is incredible. Good luck finding the 4th! Still an amazing feat to accomplish without it!


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Nice to see the player collect prevail in his quest. Don't know why, other than I have lost several high end cards to non-Garvey collectors before, but I especially hate it when high end "collectors" (the kind that buy any button, bat barrel, fancy patch, cut auto, etc regardless of player) get neat items most players collectors would give an eye for! I use quotations, because I am not sure most of these buyers are in fact collectors...more so investors or flippers.


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I love bat barrel plates. I would love to add one from Ripken but they are WAAAYYY out of my price range.

Good luck finding 4/4!!