David Wright Scan

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Mar 30, 2008
Hi guys, I just got around to scanning my ttm collection and never had the chance to show my david wright success from this years spring training.

so here it is..................

Congrats. Hope this means that I will be seeing a return from Wright sometime before the teams start heading north.
yeah, i sent this out early ( a couple of days before players had to report). Hopefully you will get yors back soon!

thanks for the comments everyone, matt
Sweet! I sent him a card too, hopefully I will get it back. Its nice to see big name players still care about their fans
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same as when I sent mine to him and you are the first person other then me I've seen report em on here and SCN. congrats

same here there was only one other person than me that i saw a success from. he must of had a good workout that day and decided to sign some mail.