Day 1 of Area Code Game....and it was a GREAT ONE!


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yes always a ROMLB i get them by the dozen all my autos are on thoie...its a private event only scouts mlb/collage and family can go. i sneak in every year. no one else asked him for it. seeing they are watching the prospects ;)


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Is Wayne on estrogen?

BTW, here are some other dudes to keep an eye out for at that event: The sons of the former pros are Oakland Athletics outfielder Alec Bankhead, son of Scott Bankhead; Cincinnati Reds pitcher Brandon Bonilla, son of Bobby Bonilla; Milwaukee Brewers (White) outfielder Shawon Dunston, son of Shawon Dunston; A’s Catcher Brett Geren, son of current A’s Manager Bob Geren; Texas Rangers outfielder C.J. McElroy, son of Chuck McElroy; and Cincinnati Reds infielder Drew Stankiewicz, son of Andy Stankiewicz.
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