December 2005 Site of the Month: TNP777

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Mark Wing

5.00 star(s)
Feb 19, 2003
East Longmeadow, MA
The December 2005 Site of the Month honors goes to TNP777. Geordie collecting interests includes Dodgers, Brett Butler, vintage and many newer issues. Stop by his site today and let the trading begin.
premium1981 said:
Great looking site! I have never heard of this trader

At one point, I think I had made a trade with every member of the HOF. Now, traders are inducted and I didn't even know they were here. I think this has a lot to do with the wide variety and quantity of collectors we have here.

The main purpose of SOTM is to recognize traders who have done a nice job with their web pages. Obviously, anyone selected needs to be somewhat established and active and Geordie is both of those. When looking for SOTM candidates, we are often looking the newer members because the older members with worthy sites have already been selected.

Very nice site. I do remember at one time looking at this site, but can't remember if I struck up a trade.

Way to go Geordie! We have traded for almost a decade now, and it's always a pleasure to trade with you. Here is to many more!

Thanks for all the nice comments; they are very much appreciated. In all honesty, I have spent way too much time trying to tweak it to my satisfaction, without really considering whether or not it was appealing to anyone else! Glad a few people out there think it is.

One of my new projects has been scanning and displaying my considerable Brett Butler collection. My goal, and it is a reachable one, is to have one example of every card ever issued for him. It's fun collecting a "lesser" player - I consider him to be one of the finest leadoff men ever, but the only way he'll ever enter the HOF is to buy a ticket. That makes him a little easier to collect, since there aren't a jillion cards of him printed every year. A new wing of the collection will eventually be set up that will include strictly autographed cards. He is taking over as the manager of the California League single A Lancaster Jethawks. I fully intend to get a chance or two to meet him when the Jethawks come into Modesto and get as many autographs as he'll let me get away with!

Anyway, here's a taste: Brett Butler Collection. I have scanned every brand of cards except for Topps Stadium Club, all Upper Deck product, and any oversized cards.

Thanks again for the kind comments.