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Sorry it took a bit getting back to you, I dug them out. All are there except for 1995-96 Topps Marquee Men Power Boosters #374 Jaromir Jagr.

I saw these on your site, LMK if you have them, I don't have any pricing on the Hockey Cards so if this works for you LMK. Charlie

2013 Topps Update Walmart Blue Border #US1 Matt Harvey 2.50
2015 Topps Update #US79 Bryant Russell Rookies Rising 5.00
2015 BowmanProspects Silver #ed/499 #BP59 Champ Stuart 1.25
2015 Bowman Prospects #BP58 Kyle Schwarber 3.00
2015 Bowman Prospects #BP100 Kris Bryant 4.00