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5.00 star(s)
Looking for two 2014 Topps mlb Chipz (Poker Chips)

Black Border Chris Sale
White border Gold Foil Kershaw

There are 2550 total chipz (including the Mascot Chipz) not including Relic Chipz

I finished all the White border player and Mascot versions ( base, Glow-in-Dark, Gold Foil, Magnet) except for the White Gold Foil Kershaw a well as the Black border base (Except for Chris Sale), Blue border base Chipz,

I have over 1600 dupe Chipz to trade and will trade for anything I don't have in the parallel Chipz (Glow-in-dark, Gold Foil, Magnets) in Red, Blue, Black, Silver and Gold borders

Not looking for 2013 or 2015 Chipz...only 2014
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