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Are you selling at BV or are those just for reference? There are a few I may be interested in, but, for example, that Maxey Donruss RC sells for a buck and a quarter on eBay - I could/would never pay $10 for that.
they are book values will take reasonable offers on everything ! PM me an offer if interested !
i did offer the maxey for $2.00 dlvd no takers !
God bless
Not sure I've got anything like that. I unloaded most of my baseball but randomly buy it from time to time. I think I've only got three non-PC autos left in my flickr, and while two are on-card, I can't give up the Hosmer for anything on your list.

When you say #d - do you mean Yordan #d or numbered in general?
2020-21 Donruss Tyrese Maxey RC
2019-20 Hoops Premium Silver Darius Garland RC
2020-21 Prizm Precious Achiuwa RC
maybe the Autographics because I know someone putting those sets together

but - I don't have anything that you're looking for, I don't think. I don't have any Alvarez that would be "rare" and no numbered.