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Diamond Cards has been my card shop since 1993. I've been buying most of my cards on the internet so I mostly have used them for supplies. In the last few months I have been in the card shop about 5 times. I have learned that the bulk of their business is also on-line. I would not give this a mention if it didn't deserve it. But I think when your shopping for boxes or cases I would check their price. I bought a hobby box of 2020 Topps Heritage on presale for $82.99 plus tax. The total was $89.20 and I picked the cards up at the shop. I don't know what shipping would have cost. The other day I saw that Heritage prices had risen to $89 and change. Today when I look, they appear to be sold out. I'm just suggesting that you put this site in the rotation of sites you check when buying a hobby box. You may find this to be the lowest price, as I did with 2020 Topps Heritage. They also provide a nice review and checklists of new product. Here's the link.

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A lot of stores..in order to survive sell a lot of stuff on line. My hobby store currently has about 340 items for sale.....star wars, baseball, cards and even jeans....Best regards, David