do these few players sign ttm?

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Hawaiian BamBam

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Dec 25, 2008
looking to send ttm requests to the following players, do they sign?
mike schmidt
craig biggio
don mattingly
ozzie guillen
chris sabo
mark grace
dennis martinez
danny tartabull
devon white
Mark Grace is usually a good signer.
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grace, martinez you can get when the season starts(he is a pitching coach in stl org) and i have seen recent successes for tartabull but have no clue what address is being used...the rest, not really...maybe if you lived in ohio you can get sabo..devon white is one of the biggest jack F's i have ever met...
thanks guys for your responses, i appreciate it. how about andres galarraga or larry walker? anyone have any luck with them?
I've seen a few Andres Galarraga this past month, but it was the first I've EVER seen from him. Walker: forget about it.