Do They Make Holders For The "Book/Binded" Cards?

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i've heard them called "foldouts" or "booklets." As far as holders for them, i'm not sure. I've seen people put a thick toploader over each side to display them.
yeah they're booklets, as for holders I haven't seen anything. although the horizontal card pages might work... two horizontal holders side by side on the page, you could side one end on one side and the other end on the other side.
You may be able to try holders for dollar bills. I used pages for the Heritage box toppers that came out last year.
Thanks for the info folks. I don't care for binder pages or anything not sturdy in regard to protecting cards. I'm kind of suprised they haven't came out with anything to "house" these yet.

I think the 2 topload idea sounds the best so far.

Anyone else?

I store mine in the holders you get to hold 50 cards. They used to have the "snap-tights" but the ones with a lid which slides together are better. Of course, it doesn't really display the card but its good for storage.
With them, I've found it easier to store the Booklets in the 3x5 or 4x6 inch top loaders.. They actually work nicely.. Then you can stick it in a plastic paper protector and binder it.