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Do you know of any Player Collector Websites?


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A while ago I was thinking about my Rich Harden PC and then thought to look around on Ebay and saw that it was somewhat tough to find some Harden cards compared to some other players even though he's not that big or small or a name. Then I glanced on YouTube one day and saw a link to this Harden Collection:


One of the most high end collections of any player I have ever seen...Plus it's Rich Harden! (I just wish when applying for SC status I could show this site to show the unnobtainable cards..lol)

Pretty nice collection, hate the load time though. :(


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I know this is already at the top, via sticky, but maybe a swing into the active list can bring some more sites out of the shadows. These types of sites are great for viewing, but also for reference and information, especially if what you collect crosses over into one of these collections. Variations, set identifications, errors, etc. It's all great information.

Now I just need to stumble upon the ultimate Dodger photo and postcard identification site! I have lots of 8x10s (color photo on card stock), 5x7s (photo packs) and postcards issued throughout the 50s-80s with multiple player variations presumed to be issued in different years, but so hard to tell!