Do You Like Manufactured Patches?

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Jun 12, 2005
Louisville, KY
I was just curious how other collectors felt about these type of cards?


2004 Sweet Spot Classic Patch 50 83 AS 16/50

2004 Sweet Spot Classic Patch 125 Expos 065/125

2004 Sweet Spot Classic Patch 150 Gold Glove 095/150

2004 Sweet Spot Classic Patch 200 82 AS 027/200

2004 Sweet Spot Classic Patch 230 81 AS 193/230

2004 Sweet Spot Classic Patch 300 Cubs 190/300

2010 Topps Hat Logos Montreal Expos 16/99

2010 Topps Hat Logos Chicago Cubs 07/99
It took me years after coming back to collecting that I even allowed myself to buy a GU card. It bothers me that these companies are cutting up great pieces of baseball history and sticking them into pieces of cardboard. At least with the manufactured patches, nothing is getting cut up.


BTW - Though it still bothers me that uniforms and equipment are shredded up, I break down every now and then and purchase a GU card.
I like them! Would love to have the ones that Ryan has in '10 Topps. Those Sweet Spot ones aren't very nice, but the Topps are great.
I can't stand the manufactured Letter patches, autographed or not, and am not crazy about the hat logos from this year's top. I also don't like it when they are considered a "hit" in higher-end products. I do like the All-Star game and World Series patches, though.
Depends. I love BTL patches. I wasn't crazy about some of the examples posted in this thread, but I was crazy about the others. So really, it depends. I don't have an over-arching policy concerning them or anything.
I like them, something different than a boring old GU card and not as costly as a real patch of the same level:)
I like them, something different than a boring old GU card and not as costly as a real patch of the same level:)

That's kind of my feeling as well. I don't bust wax, so it doesn't affect me in terms of it being considered a hit. They usually go for pretty cheap on eBay after a few get sold, and it sure beats all those goofy variations of cards from 2005.
I'm amazed at the cost of some of these things. The Schmidt hat logo card from 2010 Topps books at $80 and sells for a ton! That's ridiculous!
I see them as being any different than a normal insert. They could have just as easily skipped the patch and made the exact thing out of cardboard.

Something different.
i tend to like the letter patches as they add a unique opportunity for player collectors... although i'm not too fond of the comemorative patches that companies are making, they just don't do it for me.
I don't have a problem with them as long as the company is not trying to pawn them off as game-used. They're just inserts.
I don't mind them, as long as they look nice. Of course, I like being able to pick up cards of vintage players (stars/HOF'rs) on current cards and the patches can be a nice bonus. I would much rather have a 2010 Topps Turkey Red insert of Babe Ruth than one of Yovani Gallardo.
I happen to like them alot,I really like the 04 sweet spot classic patch/300,I have a lot in my pc,but some of them may have bad spots on the edges,those I try to stay away from,other than that I like them.