Dodger game today IP got 2 w/ pics

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Jul 31, 2005
long beach
well had to work and the wife and kid was coming so game started @ 1 and we left the house @ 1 so made it there @ 2 and was in the 4th inning. just wanted to stay till the end of the 7th..... (had a Bday party we had to go too) ran up to the radio broadcast booth and got sweet lou johnson standing outside

than fernando venazuela made his dash out...he leaves at the end of the 7th.... he signed one for a kid and was going to blow pass me when someone called him and he stopped for them and the guy gave him a ball (mind u speaking in spanish dunno what they said) but he didnt have a pen sooooo i handed mine to him ;) when he did his i handed my baseball over....he dosent sign the sweet spot so was happy i got a IP vs the TTM. next time im bringing a photo. had a great time. got 2 and cake ;)