Does anyone have access to PSA pop Reports?


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I am pretty sure you have to be a member to gain access to this report. If anyone does have access I am looking for the following population counts of these Paul O’neill PSA 10’s cards. I have these damaged PSA holders and I want to see if it is worth it to re-holder these cards and wanted to see if any of what I need to replace is any 1/1 grading.

Any help is appreciated, Kevin in CT

1988 Fleer Update Glossy Paul O’neill #U-85 PSA 10
1991 Ultra #100 PSA 10
1995 Stadium Club Clear Cut #22 PSA 10
1995 Summit Nth Degree #77 PSA 10
1995 Zenith #80 PSA 10
1996 Flair #133 PSA 10
1997 Ultra Gold Medallion #G339 PSA 10