Does anyone have any 2000 Fleer Focus cards (baseball)? Manias and Prospect portrait


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Does anyone here have Fleer Focus 2000 cards for trade or sale?

I don't need any more base 1-225 2000 Focus cards but can use any of the Fleer Focus 2000 Manias #d to 300 and some 1-999 of 3999 version of the 226 through 250 Prospect (Portrait version) cards for some 250 card Masterpiece mania #d to 300 sets and 275 card regular sets including BOTH versions of the 226 through 250 Prospect cards.

Lot of extras to trade in Focus 2000 including Manias, Prospect cards and the Inserts (I don't need an more Inserts though).

I've been hoarding the Focus 2000 Manias for years building 250 card Masterpiece Mania sets so if you have any gathering dust and are willing to part with them cheap or trade them please let me know.

Carl T
aka togaman

Seeking a few needle in a haystack 1998 Topps TEK cards as well as well as some 2012 Bowman Platinum Gold#d to 50 refractors and Red #d 25 refractors (love the inks Bowman used in those 100 card Refractor sets.