Donruss needs--Many more trade cards listed

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You know Carl, S--t just happens sometimes and I've been sick as hell since Friday. I had no desire
to get on a computer or even look at a card. In any event I have these if you still need them:

Oranges: 74,133,220,223(If this Stan the Man?),231,2S1(If this is Mondo?),269

I can also use these 2022 Donruss Set Want List (20 cards to go)
13,39,44,54,73,136,163,209,214,219,224,229(Babe Ruth-hitting),233(Pops),253,258,263,268,273
I was out for four days (most likely covid) earlier this year where I could not get out of bed other than bathroom for four days. Will get back later today. Hope you get to feeling better soon. Do you still have the base cards 44(Luis Gil),233(Pops_and 263(Molina)
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Yes sir, I do.
Well when you get better and have the time maybe we can trade. I no longer need the Inserts but can still use most off the Orange borders you had other than #58 plus the 3 base 2022 Donruss , 44(Luis Gil),233(Pops),263(Yadier Molina)

tl have these Orange borders from your ealier Want list
Orange Foil dupes: 1,10,25,29,30