Donruss used hacked picture for 2001 Classics

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Dec 5, 2003
Rochester Hills, MI
I was bored the other day and started looking closely at my 2001 Donruss Classics baseball set. Take a look at the picture and tell me what you think about the Ruth and Gehrig pictures. I always found the stance on Ruth odd, but in the film clips he did seem to have a very closed stance and follow-through. But look at the two pictures from the belt down - they are the same picture! Every tiny detail and wrinkle is present in both pictures. I think they took Gehrig from the waist down and "pasted" it on Ruth. What do you guys think? And no, I don't make a habit of examining pictures of players below the waist.
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Took me a while to notice. Much better job than the crapy Topps photoshop jobs we're used to seeing.
The belt loops in the front look different to me.. Ruth's looks "fatter"!! I'm sure they photoshop all old timers nowadays!!

Looks like they put Gerig on Ruth's legs, judging from the shadow. The shadow is in a nice line from Ruth's arm on down. Gerig's shadow is on the other side, doesn't match at all.

Nice find - pretty funny really.

- Chris
Yeah, I agree with some of these observations. I now think they took Ruth's legs and pasted them on Gehrig, in which case they covered the top of his belt a tiny bit. And maybe it was a third player's torso they put under Gehrig's head. I wonder if anyone at Donruss did this, or someone who sold them the picture?