Don't WINE when you CARY your TTM's in from the mail box, but when you have NO NECK


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Ok so I couldn't work Dempster in there, sue me.
Most of these came in a few weeks with the Dempster being the longest, about 3mos.
All are PC/Set needs but I do have over 900 cards availabe in the FT section since you asked.

I was lucky to get Wine for free, I know he has been know to charge.

Walt "No Neck" Williams

Two Yankees in one day, I feel dirty. Hope the kids don't see this.


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HAHA, great successes just the same, love the vintage! I know Walt "No Neck" but was not familiar with Bobby. Cool items, thanks for posting! I love to see the scans!

God Bless,

Kevin Mc


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Nice autos. That Bobby Wine card looks to be in nice shape.

Now that you have Bobby Wine you should get an autograph of former Patriots and Broncos Tight end Tom Beer. He had several Topps cards in the late 60s early 70s. Then you would have Beer and Wine!